White Picket Fences

As of this Memorial Day Weekend, "White Picket Fences" has become a fledgling literary journal. Still with the rough edges, but not just one man's effort any more.

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Found out another of our young police has been summarilly dismissed. No explanation. He seemed like a nice guy, good cop. That's the second policeman leaves here suddenly in a month.

There are some workmen fixing the old abandoned service station on the corner of Mann and Hwy 301, across from Rucker's Car Wash. Exciting! This will be a boost to our part of town.

As I walked with Altgeld, ran into Andy Kennedy, who is missing one eye. He was riding a bicycle. He gave my son a kind greeting.

Our neighbor's recovering from open heart surgery. I sat with him on the covered porch facing our little side street and chatted. Seems he was graduated from the high school when it was in Glennville here. He worked for the food service main offices in Camp Stewart starting in 1945 I think he said. Left there after a few years and went to work in Fort Lauderdale as a typist for some small company.

When Altgeld sees the vapor trails of jets, he exclaims excitedly,"A blue angel!"
The next thing to learn will have to be how to enter photos.
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