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As of this Memorial Day Weekend, "White Picket Fences" has become a fledgling literary journal. Still with the rough edges, but not just one man's effort any more.

Monday, February 28, 2005

Some of you might have noticed the new Google ad strips were half concealed at the top of your browser, or rather, they were squeezed over the header on the blog so that you couldn't read half the advertisement. While that may work for some of you all, it doesn't help those who would like to know or are curious to know what the message of the advertisement is. I worked on this for the better part of an hour, or more maybe, till I had the problem fixed on this, Meeting Place, and Plaza Comunal.

Tomorrow morning is physical fitness and then work on ESL, both monthly reports and lesson plans.

Saturday, February 26, 2005

The school sent the calendar for the lunch program menu. I won't try to bore you all with it. Suffice it to say we send a lunch with our child. However, I found an interesting lead or disclaimer which says that if you think that your child or children have been discriminated against, write immediately to the Secretary of Agriculture, Washington DC 20250.

Friday, February 25, 2005

This afternoon on GPB will be broadcast the GHSA Basketball Championships;

15:00 girls AAAA
17:00 boys AAAA
18:30 girls AAAA
20:30 boys AAAA

Check your GPB website or Review guide magazine for more great listings.

Thursday, February 24, 2005

This week we are starting to go commercial with all three of our blogs, "Meeting Place," "Plaza Comunal, and this little local blog, "White Picket Fences." Also, I'll be seriously studying and applying lessons in advertising and marketing. This will not, I think, be very abrupt, since I'm not by nature given to radical change, by any means. We'll see.

I've begun a serious backgammon match on another site, so for now I'll post this announcement. See y'all later.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

____Good morning, y'all. I hope y'all are doin' fine this cloudy but balmy day. Would y'all like some coffee? Tea? Well pour yourself a cup, or go buy one, 'cause I'm here, and y'all are there! But we can pretend, so come on in anyhow, and make yourselves comfortable, while I go in the back room, and try on this shirt my wife bought me at the thrift store in Jesup.
As for cyber-play, if you would still like coffee, the pot's on, coffee's still hot though it's a nasty black brew.

____This morning, as I sipped my first cup, I warmed up my mind by playing a match of backgammon, and in between plays, entered a sweepstakes with a company for some trip somewhere. I won't mention it here, as they're not paying me. But that's another project.
____I finally acted on a decision to apologize and reconcile with a neighbor with whom I'd had a disagreement over their failing to spay or neuter their many cats, and my supporting another neighbor's calling the law on a stray sick kitten which had wandered over into her lawn.
____Huh. It won't print right. Have got to calibrate our printer. Hmmmm... well this wicked strong coffee, but it's taking effect. (Sip.)
I started this on Paint just now, late morning, looking over the terminal through the window toward the highway which leads either South to Florida or north to the Carolinas or North Georgia. Lunch is ready, announces Wilma.  Posted by Hello
Here is a copy of a letter from one of the new leaders of the struggling Green Party in the state of Georgia. I'd like to share it with any Georgians who wish to help make their surroundings better, or even preserve some of the precious and endangered land.
_____"Let me know how we can help you in your neighborhood. We meet at the public library once a month........Some of the local papers will publish a free public service announcement....otherwise we use flyers to publicize. Take care and remember you are not alone. Many people would like to see our government do a better job. TOGETHER we can work to bring our legislators attention and resources to issues that concern us. WE pay taxes, go to school, work and participate in an economy that is not responsive to our needs. WE have lots of work to do but it is worthwhile and gratifying to know that GREENS are working at grassroots levels to improve our quality of LIfe.
In Peace and Justice,
denice traina
Co-Chair Georgia Green Party
Augusta, Ga.(Richmond County)"

Monday, February 21, 2005

Department of Human Resources has privatized their job postings with a Monster Company, www.dhrjobs.com. I was trying to look into a medical translator job opening in a neighboring county.
I don't know how this fits in with the state's Department of Labor. Will be looking into it tomorrow, though. For now, it's President's Day, a day in which most anyone who has the day off will most likely be catching up on chores, homework, maybe play. But probably not reflecting on the lives of our Presidents, past or present.

Again, I've procrastinated going out to do wage labor, this time I've been intending to work on a neighbor's garden. I wonder if he's missing me. But I felt compelled to write and draw, something I'd been too depressed or scatter-brained to do this week-end. Maybe the kids being sick affected me. On the bright side, I did get some reading done in the Webster's Encyclopedia.

Monday, February 14, 2005

Saturday evening last, the family got back from dining at a local family restaurant, a pleasant local affair set up in a farm house, in front of which sets a model of a light house. I checked the listings for our local public television station, and saw that Georgia's Cheerleading Finals were being shown.

My apologies that I didn't take meticulous notes, but for now suffice it to say my first impressions were that there were a lot of white girls, and some boys, doing their gymnastical best to the beat of black hip hop and techno. The first prize winners did have some rock and roll in their act. I wondered if the choice of music had anything to do with their standing out, for the choreography didn't seem so very different. But what do I know about cheer-leading?

To be fair, there were some black cheerleaders, and they were also very good. However, one might ask what is it about cheerleading that does not attract or encourage black cheerleaders. Or is it that the schools are not as integrated as we have been led to believe?

Thursday, February 03, 2005

This coming Sunday will also be Super Museum Sunday in Savannah, in the Free State of Chatham (just kidding, it's Chatham County).

You can learn or review your Georgia history at more than 30 museums and historical sites which will open their doors free to the public. This is hosted by the Georgia Historical Society, so it may be also happening beyond the Savannah area.

My source for this was Amy Morris of amy.morris@savannahnow.com; her office telephone is (912) 652-0358.

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