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As of this Memorial Day Weekend, "White Picket Fences" has become a fledgling literary journal. Still with the rough edges, but not just one man's effort any more.

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Well, (I started getting deep right away, di'nt I?) Enyvay, I vas resting today, between bouts of writing, ven I checked da bulletin boards on Yahoo Race Relations "Wake Up White America!" Seems I've been riling some boys and girls who live "away," and who think Whites are always Right, if they're only for White, and Blacks are more often than not baddies, or just all bad, and never as good as White.

Well, you get the idea. So I went sticking the branch into the hornets nest, and got them buzzin' mad, and scared. Now, a scared and mad skin head might not be the best thing to have gettin' to know ya.

I thought it over, talked it over with Dad and the wife, and decided to let some of the neighbors and the authorities too, know that we might have strangers from outside paying us a visit. Just might. Better be safe than sorry. So we're cleaning our red carpets, getting the house cleaned, the weapons cleaned and the ammo stocked. And Praise the Lord!

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

June 20, 2005

for Georgia's 1st Congressional District:*

Recent Congressional Votes -
* House: Science, State, Justice, and Commerce Appropriations Act, FY2006
* House: United Nations Reform Act of 2005

Upcoming Congressional Bills -
* Senate: Motion to invoke cloture, John Bolton nomination
* Senate: Energy Policy Act of 2005
* House: Intelligence Authorization Act, FY2006
* House: Defense Appropriations Act, FY2006
* House: Flag Desecration resolution

Recent House Votes

Science, State, Justice, and Commerce Appropriations Act, FY2006 - Vote Passed (418-7, 8 Not Voting)

The House passed this $57.4 billion bill funding the departments of State, Justice, Commerce and other science agencies for the 2006 fiscal year.

Rep. Jack Kingston voted YES......send e-mail or see bio

United Nations Reform Act of 2005 - Vote Passed (221-184, 28 Not Voting)

The House approved this bill that would withhold a portion of U.S. dues to the United Nations unless they undertake certain reforms to improve accountability.

Rep. Jack Kingston voted YES......send e-mail or see bio

Upcoming Votes

Motion to invoke cloture, John Bolton nomination - P.N.326

The Senate is scheduled to hold a second cloture vote on Monday to end debate of John Bolton’s nomination to be ambassador to the United Nation and move to a final vote.

Energy Policy Act of 2005 - H.R.6

The Senate enters week two of debate over this House-passed comprehensive energy bill. A final vote is expected by the end of the week.

Intelligence Authorization Act, FY2006 - H.R.2475

This House bill authorizes funding for intelligence activities for the 2006 fiscal year. It covers a number of agencies and programs, including the Central Intelligence Agency, the National Security Agency, and the Director of National Intelligence.

Defense Appropriations Act, FY2006 - H.R.2863

The House begins the week with this $409 billion bill funding Defense Department activities for the upcoming fiscal year. The bill includes a $45 billion contingency fund to pay for military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Flag Desecration resolution - H.J.Res.10

The House is scheduled to debate a proposal to amend the constitution to prohibit the physical desecration of the U.S. flag.

*courtesey of MegaVote.

Monday, June 20, 2005

Our good Senator Jack Hill, is he still Democrat? I didn't think he was. But I came across this web site:

Apparently he has been on these committees:

Committee Assignments
Chairman Senate Higher Education (HEd)
Vice-Chairman Senate Corrections, Correctional Institutions & Property (CC
Member Senate Appropriations (App)
Member Senate Ethics (Ethics)
Member Senate Transportation (Trans)

Does he still represent all these counties? I'm not so sure anymore, what with all the redistricting and confusion subsequent to it.
Last Thursday Professor Frank Clancy lectured and read on Joyce's Ulysses at the Kevin Barry's restaurant and pub on River Street in Savannah. AASU's Irish Culture Club held the Bloomsday gathering. Posted by Hello

Friday, June 17, 2005

Frank Clancy speaks at Kevin Barry's on River Street: Bloomsday 2005. Savannah, Georgia Posted by Hello
_____Armstrong Atlantic State University’s (AASU) Irish Studies Club celebrated the 3rd Annual Bloomsday Celebration yesterday evening at Kevin Barry’s Pub, located on West River Street, in Savannah, Georgia.

_____Garrison Keillor of Writers’ Almanac sums up the novel in this way:

Last Thursday was Bloomsday,
the day on which the action in James Joyce's novel,
Ulysses, takes place in 1904. Leopold Bloom, the main character of
Ulysses, does not have much work to do, so he spends most of his day
wandering around Dublin doing some errands. He leaves his house on
Eccles Street, walks south across the River Liffey, picks up a letter,
buys a bar of soap, and goes to the funeral of a man he didn't know
very well. In the afternoon, he has a cheese sandwich, he feeds the
gulls in the river, helps a blind man cross the street, and visits a
couple of pubs. He thinks about his job, his wife, his daughter, his
stillborn son. He muses about life and death and reincarnation. He
knows that his wife is going to cheat on him that afternoon at his
house. In the evening, he wanders around the red light district of
Dublin and meets up with a young writer named Stephen Dedalus, who is
drunk. Leopold Bloom takes him home with him and offers to let him
spend the night. And they stand outside, looking at the stars for a
while. And then Bloom goes inside and climbs into bed with his wife.”


Frank Clancy, assistant professor of literature at AASU, read from an essay in the recently published Re-Joyce,read from the Cyclops chapter of James Joyce’s novel, Ulysses, and otherwise ebulliently greeted and conversed with old friends and new acquaintances. There was a vague sense of disappointment that no one else rose to the invitation to read from Ulysses. This reporter was wont to do so, but he, being the newcomer to the group and erstwhile reporter, wished to let one of the 'regulars' go first.

The Irish Studies Club has met from time to time for lectures on Irish literature, films, history, and politics. It is open to those in the community interested in Irish culture, and has been announced frequently on WSVH-FM, Savannah area's community radio broadcasting from Skidaway Island.

The event began at 7pm and was still going on when this reporter had paid the bill and traipsed downstairs, pausing to listen to J.J. Smith play the guitar and sing Irish songs, and query lovely dark-haired and svelte Tietjen about the family and founding of the fine establishment which had hosted the small gathering of Joycians. For more information or to become a member, call Frank Clancy at 912.921.5624.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Self portrait. Posted by Hello

Monday, June 06, 2005


By Hoagy Carmichael.
Melodies bring memories,
mem'ries of a song,
a song that sing of Georgia,
back where I belong.
* * *

Georgia, Georgia,
the whole day through;
just an old sweet song
keeps Georgia on my mind. (Georgia on my mind.)

* * *

Each day, Georgia,
a song of you,
comes as sweet and clear
as moon-light through the pines.

* * *

Other arms reach out to me,
other eyes smile tenderly.
Still in peaceful dreams I see
the road leads back to you.

* * *

Georgia, Georgia
no peace I find;
just an old sweet song keeps
Georgia on my mind.

Submissions desired for literary journal

We thought of the name cafegroundzero, due to a discussion that occurred under an old maple tree on the grounds in front of the Emily Post building on a balmy spring day in 1983. The question was, where would you like to be if the bomb ever fell?

The consensus seemed to be that it would be best doing something one really enjoyed, with some one whom one really loved. I thought a cafe would be nice, with some red wine, slightly chilled, our favourite foods, a good conversation, on a sidewalk under a parasol.

The idea would be a meeting place where one could commune, stress free, with the sun, the air, the earth, even a body of water nearby if possible. Discussion would be amicable, calm at times, excited at others, but rarely if ever confrontational. However, if that’s necessary. Anyhow, the subject matter should be mostly philology, art, literature, philosophy, political theory with courtesy for differing viewpoints, the avant-garde, the classical… Not too restricted a field. But serious about having fun.

Longer articles could be divided up into monthly serials. No submissions of hate literature, unless the hate literature is the subject of a serious analysis. Nothing pornographic or that we would need to cover with a brown paper wrapper. Submissions in Spanish or English. Translations need to be certified.

Distribution is still being worked out as we speak. Contact me at hajCUTOUTSPAMgora7(at)yahoo.com for any further details.

First posted at 43things.com on Jun 06, 08:46AM

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Author William Reynolds speaks to Heritage Society

___Thursday evening last week, in Lyons, Toombs County, members and guests of the Altamaha Heritage Society held a potluck dinner welcome and attend to a talk by writer William V. Reynolds, historian and story-teller.
____He is the author of "River Pilot" "Hard Times," and other stories of people and places along the Altamaha. Mr. Reynolds was born and grew up by Bridge Lane, along the Altamaha, in Appling County He shared stories of life along the Altamaha.
____Also on exhibit were various implements and other items of antiquity relating to the harvest of turpentine and products of the pines, as well as photos of the old Methodist Cemetery in Toombs County, which was recently cleaned up by volunteers and members of the Altamaha Heritage Society.
___Individuals may join the center as charter members for $20 by sending a check to the Altamaha Heritage Center Inc., PO Box 1085, Lyons, GA. 30436. More information available at www.dixieguards.org

Saturday, June 04, 2005

Pileated woodpecker seen early May in Glennville, Tattnall County. Had been sighted before May Day, but on this day Wilma was able to take the photograph from a window facing the northeast, about 07:30. Posted by Hello
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