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As of this Memorial Day Weekend, "White Picket Fences" has become a fledgling literary journal. Still with the rough edges, but not just one man's effort any more.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

I've taken up a slow and careful examination of the process of choosing, buying, and playing various lottery tickets, both the computer generated ones and the scratch off tickets. Here, we shall take you through the scratching off of a "Money Clip" ticket, which costs $1.00. I bought this one at the store west and across the highway. Ready? All right, we're scratching off the Prize. (Drum roll):

And the prize is...$100.00, if I get three cash symbols in any row, column or diagonal.

Ah well, no go.
Ogeechee-Ohoopee-Savannah Regional Job Fair!

Attention Employers! You have an Opportunity to Participate in a

Regional Job Fair!!!

Thursday, 3 November 2005 1:00 to 6:00 p.m.

Statesboro Mall

Sponsored by the

Georgia Department of Labor
Ogeechee Technical College
Statesboro Mall
Statesboro-Bulloch Chamber of Commerce
I often call her Mami. She now has said the children can call her Mamita, the term of affection, or title, I used to call my own maternal grandmother who lived in La Barca.

Every morning, as soon as her feet touch the floor, she starts these prayers:

Gracias os doy,
Gran Senyor,
pues me has sacado
de las tinieblas de la noche
a la Luz del Dia,
hacer lo que gastes
en obras
de vuestro santo servicio
por Jesus Cristo
Nuestro Senyor.

A second prayer goes like this:

En este nuevo dia
gracias te tributamos
O Dios immenso
Senyor de lo creado.
Tu divina clemencia
se ha dignado acarnos
del horror de la noche
a la luz del sol claro.
Todo vasto teatro
del mundo cuanto existe
es obra de tu mano.
Por ti, reverdecen los prados.
En el agua los peces cantan
tu Nombre Santo.
y guia nuestros pasos
para que eternamente
tus santas leyes sigamos.

I have kept these prayers in my memory since childhood. I have now two squared and two score years, and two children. Today is my dear wife’ birthday. She is about the same age as I.

The death toll for our own troops in Iraq has reached 2000. The 2000th soldier died over the weekend from a bomb blast. I am one of the veterans of this war. For surviving with my limbs, body, and mind intact I give thanks. For suffering from depression, I give thanks too, for I know I am human. My suffering is a blessing for by this I know I am human, and I accept my suffering in atonement for my sins and the sins of others as well.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

If you happen on this site, and you'd like to check the paths of Wilma or any of the hurricanes for this or last year, check out MSNBC's tracker page.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Good morning, America! Good morning, Georgia! Good morning, Tattnall County. A shout out too, to the rest of the folks out there in the wide World, plantet Earth, and to any denizens who may be in good perception mode and within range, out on the Moon, and elsewhere to reaches beyond.

Courtesy of the folks at the National Weather Service, we have for this week:

We've got glorious weather, pleasant, cool, with partly hazy but promising skies, sun shining rosy pink golden over and through the vegetation on the horizon, over the rooftops.

Right now, this minute, the air is clear. Today will be sunny with a high near 80. Light north wind. Tonight will be clear, with a low around 53. Calm wind.

Now, I smell hot cereal with cinnamon. Excuse me please. Help yourself to the weather.

Tonight High 80°F


Humidity: 100 %
Wind Speed: Calm
Barometer: 29.97"
Dewpoint: 54°F (12°C)
Visibility: 7.00 mi.


TuesdayLo 53°F


Tuesday High of 84°F

Wednesday Low 56°F


Wednesday High of 85°F
Mostly Clear
Thursday Low 59°F

Mostly Sunny
Hi 85°F Thursday
Mostly Clear

Friday Low of 63°F

Partly Cloudy
Hi 83°F
I would like to remind Glennville Elementary School PTO members that the two recent elected officials are Jeff Weathers, serving currently a term for one year which should expire sometime early summer or late spring of 2006. Serving for two years are Rob Murray member services supervisor at Canoochee Electric.
Social Security

Am right now trying to navigate the labyrinth of the social security system, beginning both through the toll free number and through the web site. Our local office, as some of you may know, is in Vidalia, in Toombs County.

A few minutes later, the telephone made its signal, and on picking it up, I heard the professionally sounding voice of Ms. Boyette of the Vidalia Social Security Office (from here on referred to as the VSSO). She was, perhaps, thinking that she was reminding me of the appointment. However, I let her know that I had been trying to reach her so I could reschedule. We did reschedule, so I'm relieved, knowing that I have more time to prepare for it.

So far, am impressed by the phone system and web sites of the social security offices. Will be posting you all on how this works.

Friday, October 07, 2005

A friendly reminder to keep alert at all times. Here's a link which may help you remember that evil lurks among us.
Bobby Kahn, Chair of the Democratic Party of Georgia, has informed us know that Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton will be in Atlanta at the Ahavath Achim Synagogue on Sunday, October 23, 2005, at 7:30 pm (21:30).
Here's the skinny:

Sunday, October 23, 2005
The 18th ANNUAL LEO & Berry Eizenstat Memorial Lecture
Is pleased to present The Honorable Hillary Rodham Clinton, U.S. Senator NY
Ahavath Achim Synagogue - 600 Peachtree Battle Ave., Atlanta 30327
For security purposes, please arrive at least by 7 pm. This event is FREE and open to the public!
For more information: www.aasynagogue.org
Thank God it's Friday!

I thank God everyday, if I can remember to do so. Hopefully, I'll become more enlightened and develop a closer relationship to my Creator.

It's raining steadily outside. I can see the drops falling outside, dark on silver surfaces of the slick road. The sound of rubber tires rolling on the layer of water on the asphalt surface of the highway and surrounding roads. Inside the house, the children and Wilma are watching a story on film about a family, a mother camel and her newborn, in the Gobi Desert.

I composed, checked, and sent a letter to the Governor regarding my opposition to the proposed I-3 corridor from Savannah to the Appalachias. Now, I'll check the rest of the news.

I missed going to the commodities pickup yesterday. Maybe it's not meant to be. I've been worrying that our family is not eating well enough. Our bank account is diminishing even as fuel costs and the price of everything else is rising.
Teachers, especially Science and Math teachers, there is a wonderful web resource which you may wish to keep in mind, keep in your index of publications or teaching tools, when you are presenting topics in the physical sciences:


Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Y'all oughta know by now, and if ya don't well I'm tellin' ya, ye may have a new congressman, or rather an experienced one who's receiving some of us gerrymandered citizens into his district. Let me present to you John Barrow of Athens, Georgia!

I've got to get out of the house now, on job hunt business, so I'll see y'all when I see ya. Later!
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