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Friday, January 27, 2006

Well, looking back at the holidays, and at the last time I did this blog, I see the hiatus in writing seems to have encompassed the holidays and more. So no more I'll say about that.

I picked up the 29 December 2005 copy of The Glennville Sentinel, and saw Reid Torrance' Cooperative Extension Service column, this time titled "Cotton Review." Seems that this year's cotton crop was hurt by the dry autumn, but not as bad as peanuts and soybeans. That's not a great celebratory statement, but I suppose making the best of a poor situation. But then don't these big farm operations get by on subsidies anyhow? Or am I operating on a false assumption?

I'll have to check and see if the December prediction of 793 pounds/A (acre?) was correct. Georgia produced a record of 843 lbs/a. in 1994, and 812 lbs/a in 1991, on 885,000 acres and 430,000 acres respectively. However this year, Georgia farmers planted 1.21 million acres. Why the large increase, I wonder? Torrance notes that Georgia peaked in production in 2001, with 1.49 million acres. Maybe this thing goes on cycles because many farmers or most have to let some acreage go fallow and cycle through the land and crops.

Something else I learned was that our Georgia cotton, Staple and Strength, are on par with Memphis cotton. Average Staple is 34.7, which was the same last year, with almost 60 per cent of the total crop graded at staple 35 or longer. The cotton grade improved this year over the last two years, with 40 per cent graded Color 31. I'll have to find the standard for staple, colour, and strength.

Mr. Torrance goes on about cotton colour, but I no longer follow. It is late on a Friday night, and there is a whole world waiting to be discovered.
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