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As of this Memorial Day Weekend, "White Picket Fences" has become a fledgling literary journal. Still with the rough edges, but not just one man's effort any more.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The main ingredient of the root beer I have known, as far as I knew, was the root or bark of the sassafrass tree. Being of Mexican heritage, I was familiar with another name for root beer, by the Spanish name sasparilla, which I feel I've heard in English form somewhere, or read it. Maybe Mark Twain? (Oh now I hear the 'voice' of caliode, or is it lex,from the bulletin boards at the wordexchange at Collins, admonishing me to use the search engine. And yes, I found more than I ever wanted to know about the possible sources of flavourings of root beer at rootbeerworld.com:
And apparently, there is some debate whether or not sarsaparilla is a proper root beer.
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